Cloud of Knowing webinar

Cloud2Today I ran a webinar on my current thinking about Cloud of Knowing for
the IE International Business School in Madrid where I am a (virtual) visiting professor. I teach the
online research component for their digital marketing masters. The deck
is I'm afraid too big to upload to the Cloud of Knowing site but I was
able to put it up on slideshare. And there is also a link to the recording of the webinar. The project is about how online content can be incorporated into market research.

The deadline for doing the written MRS paper is due at the end of
February so I am being forced to progress my thinking without the input
I was hoping for. If you do have time to go through the deck and have
questions, comments or suggestions then I would love to hear them. I
have suggested 2 prototype hybrids of research and content one using
the Purefold jetengine model and the other using Demographic
Replicators. You can follow the Cloud of Knowing project – (and join in!) here.



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