Unsolicited commercial love story – Alicia

Cockeyed  This is OLD. Very old. But I just happened upon it again. Classic abuse of advertising. The point about models in advertising is that they're not real. But this girl kept turning up in lots of different online ads soo a guy starts to obsess over her. And starts to tell her story based on the ads she shows up in and what she's promoting in them. Its absolutely hilarious and has a nice twist at the end. Enjoy.

And is a reminder that the point of communications is what the recipient chooses to do with it. And not what the advertiser has decided will be communicated at all costs. The invented meaning is much more interesting than the designated meanings.

It turns out that the modelling agency were ripping her off using her image without permission. She didn't get wise to it till she turned into a (minor) global phenomenon.



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