Two degrees of separation

Porterhousenaussau07 Thought I would reference two people I met in the last week who I think count as 2 degrees of separation.  A friend you know is one degree of separation. 2 degrees is a friend of a friend. Two degrees of separation is a really interesting measure. You probably know that 6 degrees can get you to almost anybody on the planet. Once you know that it isn't particularly useful. But 2 degrees is. Because it gets you to a much wider group than your immediate acquaintances.  But significantly those at 2 degrees are a much more diverse group with diverse contacts themselves. Which is for example why you are much more likely to hear about a new job from a friend of a friend than you are from your friends who tend to share more similar sources of information.

On the plane over to Dublin (which I blogged here) I found myself sitting next to Bridget – a comms manager for a pharma company. We went drinking later that night in Dublin – if you think trying to keep up with Irish drinkers is a challenge then try Australians of Irish descent! Connecting on Linked in I discovered that she is a mate of Catherine Crawley founder of the London Business Book Club which you can find on Linked in and Facebook and which I've been to once and intend to go to again. I missed meeting the King of Shaves last time!

EdgE portrait sized URL And at a funeral on Tuesday I met someone who was accompanying his grandmother to the funeral, He turned out to be the grafiti artist Edge whose sites and work you can check out here. Interesting people both. But that's 2 degrees of separation for you.



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