retail vs the internet – the devil and the deep blue sea

Tv Going out this morning to scout for a TV set I became very aware of the polarisation between the benefits of buying online versus instore.  Of course the knockdown benefit of going and viewing the goods is that you know what you are buying. However it becomes very evident that the models which are instore are lower specified than the ones you can find online. And if you have to buy what is available instore you need to be aware that the construction of the range is designed to deliver lower specifications at higher prices. The higher prices seem reasonable because of the cost of putting them instore in front of you and having staff demonstrate. But by pricing high and specifying low – retailers claw back margin. If you want a decent product – go and learn what you need instore. Then go and buy online – the value is far better. I found this useful guide online-its only for one brand but it was interesting how they try to educate you and to overcome the limitations of not being able to see and handle the product for yourself when you order.



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