Planet Guinness: In the beginning..

GuinnessGuinness have mailed me after quite an interval. They made me upgrade Google Earth and give them access to all my Facebook friends (sorry I sold you all in the hope of a pint of Guinness) then explained I could create my own planet – invite my friends and collect up all the water. In return for which I might earn a pint of Guinness and have the chance of winning a year of the stuff.  Now I know I'm going to sound like the Christmas Grinch and I KNOW it takes 2 minutes to pour a pint of Guinness but surely the kind of people who have the time and inclination to develop their own private social media Guinness platform – do you even want them on the Guinness fringe and as for bringing their friends with them.. I suggest we do a little more drinking and a little less whimsy. And I promise to try to be less grumpy for the new year.

Oh and if you happen to still be planning a rather funkier version of 9 lessons and carols than most churches are running this Christmas then the above steal from the Guinness mailer sent to me would make a most excellent screen for the final reading from the first chapter of John's gospel. As sponsored by St Arthur the well known Irish saint..



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