Iphone as a research platform.. one challenge down

Pat Molloy In April last year following a get together of research techies in the Clachan just off Regent Street I blogged 3 challenges which you can read about here. At the time Pat Molloy told me he was working on the building of a standard research application for the Iphone. I saw him at the research methodology conference at the end of November (when he never mentioned it) but I notice in the latest issue of Research Magazine that he is touting a Flex development platform that works on Iphone. An example he gives is an SMS survey plug in that took a mere 5 hours to build. Another one is uses instant messaging. With Confirmit as the engine behind it. Its not clear if this is just a bonus for existing Confirmit clients or if anybody who wants to run a survey can come and pick up an off the peg app that will run a survey for you on the Iphone but I am ticking it off my challenge list now. I also mentioned Siamack Salari's ethnography app for the Iphone that allows you to share audio, vids and pics with your followers. 

Right that leaves the last two. The software sampling agent that goes and sources people by the content they produce then throws them away if they don't fit a sample profile. Reversing the established research practice of assembling a sample then poking them with a stick till you get some content out of them.

And the last challenge: a statistical method of predicting average opinions from outliers – extreme opinions. Go on. You know you can do it!



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