Front Story – Real people in a Model Village

Shrunkmodels  Great little story here in the newspapers about a woman who managed to manoevre her way to proposing to her boyfriend. By arranging to have the pair of them dressed up to get married modelled as miniatures. Placed outside a church in Babbacombe Model Village in Devon. And when the bemused boyfriend taken off to the village during a Romantic weekend notices that the bridal couple in the carriage outside the model bear a striking resemblance to the two of them, his girlfriend drops to one knee, produces a ring and pops the question. When I first read this I wondered about the ingenuity of the bride to be. I mean how did she get the idea of turning them into models in the first place. Who would do it for them. And how could she make sure that her beloved spotted the likeness? It looked like a high risk strategy.

Couplechurch It turns out that this was just an ingenious take on a standard promotion called Shrink Yourselves put out by the Model Village marketing people. Because once you've got used to small houses and small people. It isn't that interesting. Populating a model village with shrunk versions of real people. Now that's a brilliant idea. Creating real value. I have no idea if it is possible to find out more about the lives of the real people behind the scattering of shrunk selves starting to appear around the vilage. I hope so. Can you follow them on social media channels for example? This is a lovely example of a slow burn idea that can create much greater interest in an attraction such as a model village. By borrowing front stories from the lives of those who visit the village and choose to embed themselves there.  I wonder what Will Self would make of it. He has used Beckonscot Model Village in Buckinghamshire as the place which embodies all the bourgeois values he hates about Britain.  What happens when the stereotypes are replaced by real people. One to continue to watch.



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