Did we win a prize?

Special-Contribution One of the peculiarities of some shortlisting processes is that you get nominated and wait for 9 months to find out if you won. Which is terrific because it allows 3-5 times as many companies to brag that they got shortlisted until one walks away with the prize. In the case of Best Contribution to conference The Market Research Society opted to shortlist 3 panels for 2009. So there is the chair of the panel plus 3-4 others who have been able to bask all year in reflected glory. I was on the panel chaired by Richard Gilmore for the Question Time about the Future of Market Research. By tomorrow morning we'll know if we're winners or if we got nothing. Because the Awards dinner is tonight.  So for a final evening I'll flaunt the banner here!

I'm due back at the conference next March to give a paper in the Future of Research session. And will be developing the themes for that paper hopefully with the other tribal members of the Cloud of Knowing over here.  I found that the research agency Promise had been linking to my posting about last year's conference when Elena Ionita and I talked about using respondents to develop advertising cliches. You can find that post here as well.



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