Copenhagen Summit… or I’m a celebrity (get me into here)

ArnieIs it me or is the Copenhagen summit starting to be reported like a reality TV game show? Clearly not a lot is happening and not fast enough. But the media has to say something. They seem to be turning to an entertainment script not a political one. Of course there are enough famous faces to ensure that the celebrity factor comes to the fore. Arnie – governor of California (which wasn't a sovereign state when last I checked) has come to plug electric vehicles. The man who persuaded General Motors to make the Hummer available to the general public and was their very first very public customer. We have the spat between the US (we won't give China any money) and China (we don't want it). That aside its hard to see if the planes carrying celebrity after premier into Copenhagen are achieving anything or keeping the world's press busy while the real work happens elsewhere. Given the storyline we seem to have stumbled into who in Copenhagen would you vote to take a bushtucker trial this morning?




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