Contract culture 2L let’s put UK plc out to tender..

Having experienced the perils of subcontractor culture last week at Heathrow airport ie contractors everywhere and BAA nowhere to be seen it occurred to me that seeing as government policy has been to put everything out to tender, allowing UK companies to be swallowed up by foreign investors the next logical step would be to put the country up for tender at the next election.  Here's the reasoning. A business consortium might indeed run Britain better. They would almost certainly manage the media better. It doesn't undermine democracy because we can put the contract out to tender for the next election. And despite election promises to do so the opportunities to exercise democratic choice through referendums are non existent. Barring council and European elections we aren't able to express our choices in between general elections (and are loudly told by the politicians that the results of these aren't comparable to a general election so we may as well leave it to a contractor.  Would a contractor run the country worse than a politician? I'm not so sure. 



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