Cloud of knowing .. the plot thickens

Had a very stimulating phonecall this morning with David Bausola one of the proud parents of the Demographic Replicators or DGRs as they are known. A lot of the conversation has to be kept offline for now. But we had the fun of punting big ideas about how to use a gig at the MRS 2010 March conference. Always easier to do when there isn't a deadline round the corner. How cool would it be to have a DGR onscreen as a participant in the session. In my head all I can think of is a Gorillaz gig.Wouldn't it be cool to co-present with a sentient bot on a giant screen made up of a coupla hundred research participants? Wilma from Wilmslow..

Nip over to the DGR blog and tell me your ideas. What would you do? Cloud of Knowing is chugging nicely despite only having had one meeting. So far a conference paper, a webinar and a business mag article on the slab. Now all we have to do is find a good enough answer..



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