Christmas Jihad

BrownpaintI commented on the NZ Christmas poster campaign on Tuesday - raising enquiries from NZ about how we knew about it because it hadn't been put up yet (that's global news for you!) Well the poster went up on Wednesday and was defaced by an objector with brown paint, then attacked by a knife wielding Christian and then what was left was ripped down by a mob (but not necessarily in the same incident. The church has decided not to replace the poster in the interests of public safety.  They also opted to tell us that it wasn't nearly as offensive as  other ideas they might run for example a sperm coming down from heaven singing Joy to the World. Honestly you jokers need to learn to quit while you're behind..

Kiwis are such a mild bunch (All Blacks honourably excepted of course) this burst of fervour really does make you wonder what exactly the Christmas spirit is these days. How fortunate that fanatical Jews didn't take a similar approach in the first century AD. Oh apart from King Herod. What interesting company fundamentalists find themselves in.    



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