Brainjuicer turns 10 – Happy Birthday Juicers!

Bj Mp3 Interview with Chief Juicer John Kearon as Brainjuicer celebrates its 10th birthday. A rare opportunity to peek under the covers of one of Britain if not the world's most innovative research agencies. Brainjuicer is a fascinating company because its survival to its 10th year is rather unexpected when you pause to think about it.

Firstly because it has brought to market innovative research methods which are genuinely category defying: using crowdsourcing to predict market success, finding the most creative 2-5% of the population to brainstorm with. Building quantitative studies using facial expressions. Who do you put alongside Brainjuicer in a Request for Proposal? Because their approach is usually quite different from anybody elses. Which normally puts you outside of the pale with the corporates. They can't cope with you.

Secondly because they started at the peak of the dotcom boom. So how did they survive when so many other startups went to the wall? Clearly not be reinventing themselves as a dull old style research agency who did same old but with a penchant for using the internet.

Bj-seg-home Thirdly because they have a clear mission and ethos and are willing to share this with their clients and other agencies. They aren't just about the work they do for their clients. There is a sense of that they are part of a movement. They are generous with their ideas in the market research industry because they want to change the water in the pond and grow the pond. Its not about becoming the biggest fish as quickly as possible.  I remember hearing John answer one of Brainjuicer's financial backers at a conference BrainJuicer ran jointly with Unilever last year. Asking him why he gave so many ideas away. To which he replied that until you executed an idea properly it wasn't worth stealing. And by the time you had worked out how to productise it you should have such an advantage that no other competitor ought to be able to catch you.

Fourthly because companies with a consistent growth rate (40% a year is quoted) rarely remain interesting. And it seems Brainjuicer is just as interesting and interested as it ever has been. The examples which John cites are genuinely work in progress – the Brand Persona idea also known as Demographic Replicators that has come from David Bausola of Ag8 is only months old. But this isn't a flash in the pan. These kinds of ideas are likely to turn into products that are light years ahead of the stripmining of the online panel companies which has mainly served to pollute the water.  So Happy Birthday Juicers – here's to a model 10 year old.    Screenjuicer



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