Audio sharing using SoundCloud

Soundcloud I discovered SoundCloud in my regular read Computer Music magazine. Its an audio sharing site designed for musicians to share their tracks whether in the process of being assembled or as demos which can be bought online. It is in effect a bazaar for musicians to show and tell and to help each other. With an easy interface.

What really grabbed my attention was the ability to tag the visual representation of the wave using  text tags at any point in the track. Which other can add their comments to as well. Now the kind of tags SoundCloud have in mind are comments like great vocal – or don't you think the bass is muddying up the drum mix here why don't you eq off the bottom end. Which will be of little interest to most of you.

For those of you who are involved as buyers and producers of qualitative research particularly the kind that involved audio recording  of interviews and groups this represents a very different kind of tool. Because it means that the team don't have to wait for a transcription before they can add comments and notes to the spoken audio. I don't know if SoundCloud would regard the colonisation of their space and their free base level offering by researchers as unacceptable use (there is no limit to file size). But I am quite interested in being able to share audio with the rest of my team while the project is live. The main thing is to ensure you control who is allowed to hear the file. Otherwise you will have blown the research code of practice wide open!! 

If you're curious then search SoundCloud for Walk all over Heaven and you'll hear me playing guitar a long long time ago!



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