You can’t always get what you want

ButterfatPouring semiskimmed milk at breakfast this morning I was reminded of a rather unusual brief I had to work on many many years ago for the Milk Marketing Board. Whose members were getting fed up with the cost of removing the butterfat from milk and then finding somewhere to dispose of it. When the nutritionists had labelled it BAD and didn't want it anywhere near the human ecosystem. The  brief was to reduce demand for semi skimmed milk.

I remember raising a quizzical eye to the senior planner for whom I worked and being told to shut up and get on with it. "Just because they're consumers doesn't mean they can have what they want". True but when it wasn't good for them either the double bind troubled me.  It was one of those absurd briefs that gets quietly dropped when someone suggests that if it ever got within sight of a daily newspaper that heads would roll. Quite. 



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