True stories – and storytelling – and a moral for research

Truestories I belonged to a storytellers group just outside of Camden town many many years ago. Then the babies arrived and I had to back at home in good time in the evenings. But I loved listening to good stories told and to learn to tell stories myself. Our storytellers group was based on telling folk stories from round the world. And on occasion I told Bible stories which were permitted within the genre.

Here's an inspiring account of another storytellers group now in North London not very far away from where we used to tell stories. But this group share true stories from their lives. This doesn't have to be mundane. Or overdramatic. Humans are naturally interested in one another's stories.

I don't mean to spoil this by bringing work into it but I had a conversation today with an experienced qualitative researcher about addressing a particular issue with language and how people used it to talk about a particular issue. Don't moderate she said. Give them space to talk. Using their own words and agenda. Wise words.

While we're on the subject of storytelling you might want to check a whole day event on the topic The Story Feb 19th - I can't go but wish I could! 



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