If only surveys were more like video games..

VideogameLast piece on alternative takes on research as found in Research magazine this month. Tom Ewing of Cantar comes up with what to my mind is a brilliant insight. "Surveys are videogames. They're both interactive environments in which people perform actions and tasks in order to progress. The aim is to complete the experience, which ought to be a challenging and interesting one."

I love this because it puts the onus on good game design. And away from respondent fraud. If people cheat on surveys – or mostly don't want to do them. Its because the surveys are crap games. If they were any good respondents would want to do them and do them again. You wonder how many research projects would benefit from the input of an experience architect. This is particularly releant when surveys are being used to track so are being rerun with the same questions being given often to the same respondents. Given how involving and addictive so much video gaming is it shows how criminally dull survey design can often be by comparison.



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