Pleasure profile or pounds – good work?

My sister got married on Saturday. Weddings offer all sorts of blogging material – but at the meal I found myself in discussion with my immediate neighbours on the topic of job satisfaction. I was somewhat taken aback that one was so demotivated in her work that she couldn't bring herself to tell me what she did (I later discovered she was a commercial property lawyer). And she took me to task for blithely assuming that it was possible to find work you enjoyed. What I managed to establish is that the only thing she wanted to do (and be paid for doing) was sailing. And since she couldn't go that then… My other neighbour was a landscape architect who had very nearly landed a job reshaping London's flood defences in the face of global warming but failed to get the job because she only wanted to work 3 days a week and the job specification required 5. Apparently legislation now prevents jobs being reshaped for candidates but must be offered as advertised. So she wasn't best pleased with her work either having missed that one.

I daren't go back to my sample of one post but you can look if you like. How representative are those you find yourself sitting next to at a weddding meal? Let me ask the question more bluntly How many people hate their jobs?  More than a few. Perhaps I was naive in thinking that job satisfaction was possible and not a luxury available to only a few.

This blog is headed with the 3 things I think work needs to do for you. The listing is prioritised as I have found it. Which either makes me very fortunate (but not smug) or just different from those I had been speaking to. You can do work you enjoy. You can do work which builds your reputation. And you can do work that makes you money. It is remarkably difficult to find work which delivers all three. It is suprising how much work that is very profitable isn't particularly fun to do – often it is repetition of something you originally enjoyed doing and now have to churn out.  I love my work and am continually surprise how rarely I am asked to do something I don't enjoy doing.  I do turn work down but usually because I don't agree with the ethos behind it – and running my company I have the right and I would argue obligation to do that. Please don't call that a luxury.  Which I suppose makes me a happy man.



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