Passion for jewellery and jewellery as data


This is a good opportunity for me to reference the Annoushka website and its videos which go way past the average jeweller – look but don't touch. here's the catalogue fill the basket and off we go. Annoushka Ducas founded Links of London with her husband and having sold that business has sat down and started all over again. Her approach is that its personal, opinionated so videos are ideal for conveying this. I have worked with John and Annoushka regularly these last few year so its a pleasure to see how an author sits down and writes a new story.  The voice is the same but the story is different.

And while we're on the subject of jewellery here's a rather quirky project out of the ad agency Weiden and Kennedy where jewellery has been used to dramatise financial data. Its a concept, but I'm not sure its a collection though! Its a bit too much like handing a barchart round your neck. Now an abstract representation of my DNA in gold – that would be nice..  




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