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CardsSpent a contented evening with Karen working on the redesign of my business card. You can see the waggledancers theme starting to come through. Ian Lettice is the designer who made the bee for me. Karen  loves desktop publishing – she did a course in it years ago and her experience as printbuyer and proofer within her marketing role gives her an eye for detail I find miraculous. She has a great talent for laying things out. A business card is a small palate to work with but it became a kind of meditation as we found a way to balance the elements and then to move from pure art direction to something that was usable as well as aesthetically pleasing. I find a lot of design discussion a foreign country – the idea that by changing a font size or a positioning minutely impacts on what the whole is saying still surprises me but its true. A biot more work then we go to print on the card. Then its the letter head then the website. Don't let anybody tell you that brand updates are a doddle – there's SO much to it.  Can't wait to make an animated flash version of the logo.




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