Business Calculators

BabbageAnalyticalEngineModel I built one of these today for the first time in years. When I was working as a planning director on integrated accounts this was something I used to build quite regularly but don't often have the chance to do now. If you take the trouble to learn to do it it really isn't difficult and its a great way to put different scenarios in front of people and if you have a play with the sliders and buttons you'll soon get the idea.

Here's one I did 15 years ago for a company called Jetphone who were trying to put phones onto planes – so this is a tool for working out how fast they want to grow, how many phones they will need and how much money they would make. I have no idea what happened to Jetphone though I suspect they got killed by mobile phones. Have a play and tell me what you think. Download JETPHONEamend



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