Are you a ninja?

Interesting and provocative film which demonstrates that although there is a still a taboo about secretive organisations (like the Masons and Scientologist), that invisible organisations are cool and interesting and not threatening.  Jesus frequently used the metaphor of yeast invisibly leavening dough both to describe positively the spread of the rule of God – (blink and you'll miss it) and negatively the impact of legalism and religiosity.  It must be some kind of kickback against a society wearied with a relentless onslaught from mass media and the desperate attempts by corporations to control their image and by individuals to get access.

Every week Xfactor contestants who we hadn't heard of last year and won't hear of next year are made to parrot how the programme is changing their lives. And we have just left a particularly sombre remembrance day when the memory of the big battalions and the millions of lives lost fades into the background compared with the individual details of suffering and of sacrifice. History is not written on the front page or even in the classifieds. The cumulative efforts of hundreds of thousands of people really do add up to something. It is this simple truth that social media channels have begun to reveal. There must be some way in which the the channels themselves are driving social change. ThatI still believe is too hard to measure. But as a way of making visible the thoughts, feelings and actions of individuals and how the ideas travel -the new media environment cannot be surpassed. 



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