3 part invention – vicars getting an evening job behind the bar

Bartender Had our former lodger and youthworker Ben Wood round to lunch today. He's from Rugby and told me an interesting tale of an initiative from the local clergy and youthworkers there. Apparently there is a rule for those who do church work to take their days in 3 parts. If they work morning and afternoon then not to work in the evening. And if they work the evening then not to work morning and afternoon. A rule no doubt a lot of workers keep quiet about. Since a whole lot of people who are busy morning and afternoon are expected to attend church meetings and run other activities in the evening. Thereby leaving them no free time at all.  So here's what a few of them have decided to do by way of solidarity. To work evenings but in jobs which are very different from the day job. A couple of vicars have picked up jobs working as bar tenders. Which places them out in the local community and undermines the feeling among many churchgoers that vicars have an easy life of it and give themselves the afternoon off because they have a busy evening ahead of them. Power to their elbow I say.



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