Women bishops and why a change is gonna come

Slightly off topic for this blog but having seen some rumblings in the blogosphere I thought I would put 2 and 2 together. If you have the patience for the controversy then Maggie Dawn can do the honours. And Ruth Gledhill of the Times. A controversy which seems profoundly irrelevant to the vast majority of us. The Church of England made a decision. Which was voted on. So now women are going to be bishops. Good that's sorted. Well apparently not. They may end up a different kind of bishop because the ecclesiastical legislation is now going through the death of a thousand cuts. Shame on the legislators. Here are 2 photos showing the last ordinations in my local cathedral of St Albans. For priests and deacons.



It should be obvious to the least observant of you that the women outnumber the men 3 to 1.  Although the ordination of women into the priesthood was only allowed a few years ago the rate of change is such that the number of female clergy will match that of the male clergy within 10 years. Allowing women to become bishops is inevitable. And the church only makes itself look ridiculous by tolerating prevarication after a clear decision was given by vote in all 3 houses of the General Synod.

This is a sculpture by Banksy. Which was in Bristol Museum over the summer on public display where we were among 300,000 who saw it. I actually retrieved this image from the Facebook page of my 16 year old daughter who thought it was hilarious. I know that many will find it offensive but it is a reminder of how thin episcopal authority is wearing the longer women continue to be excluded. The bishop is a shepherd. A carer. Not a minder. The qualities required of a bishop would be enhanced by the presence of women in the episcopate. If there were women bishops this Banksy image would become meaningless. The masculinity of the episcopacy isn't its most attractive feature. Take a look for yourselves.




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