Transmedia 2 – Organisations should be ashamed to do what any internet user can do by themselves

I already posted once on this topic back in September. And promised you a presentation by Steve Berry about Transmedia – well here it is. Download 20090115-Transmedia-Presentation-SteveBerry-Compressed I also include a link to David Bausola who with Tom Himpe founded Ag8 the agent provocateur behind the Purefold project. Here is David talking about the central ideas behind projects like Purefold. Auteurs collaborating with oridinary internet users to create vast and strange narratives. At present I am using these as a starting point for thinking about where research needs to go.  But transmedia needs to be thought through as the way forward for companies to communicate and facilitate the communities with which they are co-dependent – customers and business partners by any other name.

Put it this way. Any reasonably competent internet user can set up as a publisher, broadcaster and TV network for free. To paraphrase Isaac Asimov's line that Human beings ought to be ashamed to do anything a machine can do. Organisations ought to be ashamed to do what any internet user can do.  Transmedia type projects ought to be the natural expression for companies wanting to engage with their stakeholders. Steve Berry shows that entertainment networks are picking up on the transmedia idea very fast. Companies need to get on board next. If they only talk about themselves and their products then of course they won't do it but then nobody will pay them much heed either. Research has got to get out of stop go and "Shut up .. I'll ask the questions".  This is such an exciting time – no point in worrying about the luddites – they're getting left behind so fast the challenge is to catch the new strands as they turn into tangible new communication formats. This evening I was playing with a format which allows people to join in with my powerpoint presentations from wherever they are. Can't wait to use it some time very soon.

I'm off to Eastern Europe for the next couple of days to think and talk about Direct Marketing. Back on Thursday – when perhaps I can pick up this thread. 



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