Top of the pops 1909

Allcoons 50 records that matter 1900-1919. As a sometime member of a band playing gospel songs from the first part of the 20th century a posting like this is a treasure trove of largely American musical history. Nick Hornby turned the compiling of lists of favourite records into a cultural artform. I am indebted to Tom Ewing market researcher and music commentator for this link. Tom's site Freaky Trigger has set out to review every no 1 single in the UK charts!  Too much to absorb at one sitting why don't you pick a couple and ponder as I have had to ponder this week: technology changes but people don't. The collection doesn't pull any punches about the social attitudes of the time and in particular how black musicians had to navigate them often by playing and subverting the very roles which they were trying to escape.



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