The pleasure of reinvention – Steve Martin banjo player

Now this one hit me from left field – right where I'm vulnerable. I'm a secret and occasioal banjo player – it is one of the most addictive and satisfying instruments. Billy Connolly is another banjo enthusiast. And now Steve Martin the US comedian is on tour with his bluegrass band playing his own material. What is it that is so compulsive about watching something you have got comfortably boxed up jump out of its category. I wouldn't bother going to see Steve Martin do standup however good he is. I would however consider going to see him when he shows up at the South Bank in a couple of weeks time. Here he is playing one of his songs Crow on Letterman. I also love watching Martin tense and on his best behaviour while the 2 prodigies Trishka and Fleck look so relaxed.



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