The cheque’s not in the post – how the postal strike is building e-payment

Lemmings1Having spent a couple of days in the company of a senior manager at the Royal Mail who was a fellow speaker at the Bucharest DM conference I got an interesting perspective on the postal strike now running in the UK. One of the terrors of a national postal strike has been the impact on small businesses who eventually fail because they can't get paid.

BACS (and the banks) should be very grateful to the striking postmen who will have alerted small businesses to the cost and uncertainty of cheques further hastening the switch to direct bank transfer.  The big challenge for the Royal Mail is that they closely scrutinised by govt regulators for raising their prices – so can't lift them to any great extent. And many things they used to do can now be done more easily and cheaply though other channels – so a great deal of their business comes from inertia. Strikes are terrible for inertia – they force us to change our behaviour with the effect that we stick with the new behaviour even when the strike is over. The strikers are destroying their own business.



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