South Waziristan before it stops being funny

Waziristan More self publicity <sigh!> Thought I'd drop in a photo taken long ago of me floating in a river on the border between Pakistan's western province and the tribal territories. A little known fact is that when you swim in a shalwar kameez or to be more accurate the shalwar – you can inflate the cotton drawers to dramatic effect which is exactly the sort of activity which boys find particularly amusing. I have included a cartoon of Buster Gonad. Because its the same gag.

Buster-gonad.preview  On a more serious note the Pakistani army is going to cross this river in the next couple of days to root out the Taliban and Al Quaeda. They lost 300 troops earlier this summer clearing the Swat valley. This is going to be a lot lot worse – its a mountain range. No doubt the Americans are going to be giving assistance as well. The odds aren't looking too good. It is very
late in the year to be mounting a military operation. The winters here
can be severe. They have tried doing this 3 times before and failed.Because of the huge risk of high military casualties there is going to be a lot of shooting first and not a lot of questions afterwards.  Civilians will be right in the firing line. And the area will be too dangerous for journalists. So there won't be a lot of news. Not so funny then. 



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