Glo … “More than just a Bible”

Myglo Glo Bible the DVD launches today. And I can't wait to have a look around the website though what they really want me to do is drop £60 on a shiny disc. Here's the Guardian's take with a promo film. And here's the Church Times who actually say nothing about it! Its a useful concept because they have taken the idea of the online encylopaedia and wrapped it round with production values. Thousands of photos, 3.5 hours of HD video, 300+ virtual tours and over 100 maps. And the whole Bible in audio.

I have reservations about how successful it will be. Glo Bible is basically a hi fi product. And there lies the problem. It looks gorgeous. I am sure the high definition movies are amazing.  But in the end I don't believe that many people need a 3D cut-away of the Dome of the Rock. Some. Not everybody. Which doesn't warrant the dollars thrown at it. The web for the last 10 years has been getting resolutely Lo Fi. And the place to invest is in interactivity and shareability. There's a principle from last week's IPA social which comes to mind – always in Beta. This isn't. Its a finished product. And that's the problem.  I have a lot of reference books covering Bible materials. I even have a CD ROM which allows me to whizz across several publications as a reference work. I never touch them. Spiritual Homebase (I think that probably sounds better in the USA) allows you to set reading plans and match your reading to your mood – "feeling Rejoiceful"??? And there is a Share your Journey section to build an online Glo community – I suspect they have spent the dollars on production and the launch and they will expect the community to form all by itself. Actually the community was the first thing they should have built then developed the materials.  If I get egg on my face over this one then do feel free to lob an omelette at me if the concept takes off.



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