Direct mailman? Not really

Postman_with_mail_t_679417c I have just heard the Bishop of Liverpool give an impassioned plea for postmen to be recognised as an essential glue for UK society even if he backed off from the absurd contention that every community needs to have a postman.  When the audio/transcript is posted on Radio 4's Thought for the day page you are likely to find it here.

I don't buy it. James Jones admitted that the postperson humanising the community as they toil down the street is effectively delivering mostly direct mail (most of which is unsolicited).

Having spent the last few days putting together a presentation for a direct marketing conference in Eastern Europe I am all set to give an impassioned plea for direct marketing. But I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that the direct mail delivery channel creates social cohesion. It fatally undermines what has in effect been a social contract between the Royal Mail and the UK for generations.  The volume and nature of what the Royal Mail is delivering has changed markedly. Getting fluffy about the postal service doesn't wash. Industrial distribution systems need industrial practices which reduce costs. And striking isn't the best way of demonstrating that distributors of what is basically a commercial product are getting a raw deal. Nope the time of the postie is almost up. Roll in the black vans and lets crunch down the cost per thousand.Or write someone a letter in your own hand and take it down the post office and buy a stamp with the Queen's head on it. Today? I thought not.



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