Creator requests co-creators

Xfactor David Bausola of Ag8 has asked me to create life. Or to be more precise a couple of replicators.  Check out the Demographic Replicator blog which explains the project and showcases some of the creatures being produced. I shall be posting my wishlist on that blog in a day or so's time.

A replicator is a programme which aggregates key words, thoughts and feelings which come from blogs and tweets on the web.  And spits out the tweets and key phrases as a kind of random continual posting. At its worse it is gibberish. At its best you could be fooled into thinking you're listening to real human being when the truth is that it is an aggregate of anything from 10 to 50 people.

The original Turing test for Artificial Intelligence postulated an exchange of typed messages between sealed rooms. At the end of perhaps an hour of these exchanges you would have to make a judgement call. Had you had been talking to a human being or a machine? The challenge was to find an AI which could fool a human being. Now the source of all the messages is of course human. But they are being combined in such a way that you might be hard pressed to decide whether you are talking to a person or a crowd of people none of whom are known to the others. And who cannot possibly collude. So their collective response is real. Add another dimension which is that twitter is interactive. So ask a question you might well get an answer – either from a real person who would not know the question had actually been addressed to a replicant or from a random selection using programming in the replicator. You get the idea.

OK here's where I would like some help. I want to build a replicator who is around 15 years of age and whose favourite TV show at present is the current UK series of Xfactor.  What keywords, emotions, qualities would you recommend that we give her? Who is her favourite contestant? Who is the one she likes least? Who is her favourite judge?  Who are her favourite singers and celebs? What shall we call her?

The replicators can be endlessly tuned till we get something which is plausible. Then we can turn her loose and see how she mingles with other Xfactor twitterers and bloggers. Because replicators continually publish it is possible to be fooled that you are not looking at an RSS feed but a real person. That's the goal. Now.. your suggestions?? 



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