Co-creation time – make your own

Iwootiphone  I have blogged about this long ago but are up to their old tricks again. Here they are urging people to make a picture in MSPaint in order to win an iphone. Clearly this leaves the Mac brethren out but with breathtaking cheek IWOOT suggest that you instal a version of that crappy program and have a go anyway.  Quite why an online gadgets retailer keeps trying to think of silly things for its customers to do may surprise you. But hopefully it won't – the whole point about getting people engaged is not by being interesting but by providing the means by which they do interesting and odd things themselves. Will this sell things you don't need but really really want? Of course it will.

Here's their facebook page with some of the MS paint pictures already.

Their youtube channel

And their blog

And if you're listening Santa then I'd really really like a 6 in 1 solar robot for Christmas..



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