Co branded promotions.. why don’t you?

Cobranding Ruth Gledhill of the Times wrote up Paul Fryer's new exhibition today which featured this memorable image. She ask wryly if the faithful will be so busy complaining about blasphemy that they will forget the issue which is the extinction of great apes. My concern is more that making a new metaphor doesn't of itself make great art – it can be no more than a blatant cobranded promotion. If he put an ape on a hangman's platform then nobody would be interested. So let's put an ape on a cross. In the same way Fryer has in the past put Jesus in the electric chair. So… shall we put Jesus in a burkha? Jesus in a battery hen cage? Rather than call down the wrath of heaven I would rather suggest that Fryer spend a little more time considering the artistic metaphor and a little less time thinking about how to make it notorious.



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