Yikes – Christian Britain is long past its sell by date

Georgesday Fascinating piece of fast footwork following Nick Griffin's cornering (in whatever way you choose to interpret that) on Question Time last night. He mentioned Christian Britain 3 times. There's a lot of churches who have implicitly gone along with the notion of 'Christian' Britain but don't want to be any part of any kind of Christian Britain which might have Nick Griffin in it. So here's a piece from the church thinktank Ecclesia about losing the Christian Britain tag and leaving it to the racists and Nazis who want to align faith with skin colour.  It makes for very interesting reading.

Of course there is another alternative here which is that churches sail into battle and expunge BNP style racism from the rhetoric of Christian nathionhood but somehow I don't think that is going to happen. Much the same happened when the Nationalists in Northern Ireland started to tell us what being British meant and it meant something different and more inclusive to the rest of us. It is interesting how cultural ideas can be colonised in such a way that the first mover gets to keep the meaning and the rest retreat. Nick Griffin got Christian Britain last night. He can keep it.



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