What a way to go.. Keith Floyd’s untimely demise

Cooks There's something rather gruesome about a man having his last dinner as he prepares to watch a documentary about himself on TV that night – and having a heart attack (by all accounts his diet was not a healthy one). Only to have his real life flash past him before he can have his televised life flash in front of him.

We have a peculiar cult of celebrity death these days. I was looking at the wall of culinary titles – none of Keith Floyd's were on display (yet). And wondered how many bought a cookbook from one of his rivals while the topic was trending. Or sought to buy one of his by way of tribute. Its not normal. Celebrity cooks are entertainers not virtual friends. But death seems to have become a driver which marketers use shamelessly. I note that a Michael Jackson rehearsal video is imminent. There was a time when we would stop trading as a sign of respect. Now I expect a raft of Floyd bonhomie and memorabilia. Rest in peace Keith.



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