The solution to misrecruitment.. misdirection

Its always good practice to ask the recruitment company to send you a copy of the screener questionnaire even if you haven't written it yourself. I did so this morning as I gather teenage pregnant mums for Monday. And discovered that the screener was wrong. Not a problem though because typically we put in several questions so respondents can't guess what the research is about ahead of time. We still ask all the questions. Eg Do you watch Coronation Street, Eastenders, Hollyoaks? We just make sure that those who come fit the criteria we are have set quotas for. Why am I so absurdly pleased about this? Because researchers have a suspicion that recruiters ask questions in a leading way to fit the criteria because it makes their lives easier. So at present the group have completely the wrong end of the stick (if that is what has been going on). Which suits me just fine. I get the people I want – misdirected.  Maybe I'll make a habit of it.



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