Scriptorium – shareware from the Benedictine monks of Maheswarapasha

Resurrection  Something to start the week. An unstoppable monastery in Bengal.  A download which allows you to sing the antiphons to the psalms and the canticles (in Bengali) to ragas – in the scales of Indian classical music. It will play them back on your computer whether Mac or PC.  Covering the monastic liturgy of the hours – ie the 24/7 worship calendar of a monastic community. Call me obscure? Well yes but what I really like about this is that it is part of the output of the monks who earn their crust writing shareware. I had it in my head that monks liked to garden, keep bees and make beer. Writing software? Well that's a new one. 

If your Bengali is up to it – then you might want to consider translations of the writings of the early Church Fathers not to mention an entire translation of the Bible finished in 1998. Their website is also available in Italian – I presume so the Vatican can keep tab on them.. such industry! Respect to the Benedictines of Bangladesh..



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