Saying sorry to Alan Turing

Gordon Brown has apologised for treating Alan Turing so badly.

Its a peculiar trend that world leaders studiously avoid fessing up to anything on their watch while being prepared to take photocalls to apologise for just about anything else. Surely an apology is more than regret. It involves accepting responsibilty. Offering restitution if this is appropriate (which may involve a resignation). And indicating that were they to face that situation a second time that they would act differently. So where does this leave Alan and Gordon?

In keeping with this odd practice I offer you some wouldn't it be great ifs.

Wouldn't it be great if

Alastair Darling apologised for the regulatory failures that brought about the South Sea Bubble in 1720

Berlusconi to say sorry for the Roman invasion of Britain in 43AD

Al Maliki of Iraq apologised for the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 589BC

the Queen to express regret for her namesake executing Mary Queen of Scots and to request that henceforth she be known as Queen Elizabeth 1st in Scotland.

Zapatero of Spain said he's sorry that Cliff Richard didn't win the Eurovision song contest.



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