Consumer droids arrive – introducing Demographic Replicators


This is a new project from Ag8 who have been pioneering Purefold and branded open source stories. Here's one which is bound to get the odd market researcher up on their hind legs baring their teeth. Ag 8 bring you demographic replicators which if you have a little facility with code you can stick on the side of a blog and they will spew consumer feedback for as long as the internet is electrified. This post shows how you can 'construct' a persona by checking for particular keywords and by sourcing particular groups of online folks – is this research I ask myself – not in my universe I hear the research fraternity growl. Well its here – its very simple in its conception and once you've set it up it follows the trajectory of your chosen group like a bloodhound – what price focus groups now?

OK so its very basic – but supposing we tuned it increased the sample size and made sure they all came from yorkshire? Wouldn't half be useful would it? Particularly if we could ask twitter style questions and see what came back.  What an exciting time to be alive. Tamagotchis and vacuu robots move aside. Here's another robot life form which could be altogether more interesting.  Here's Kranky Chloe but there's a couple more siblings already active and hey why don't you spawn some of your own.



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