Animal underclass


Strong language but today I heard hair raising stories from my sister in law to be who has been working with the PDSA – the free vetinary service for those who can't afford to pay vetinary fees to look after their animals. Just because you're on benefit doesn't mean you're not allowed to keep animals. Though of course you may be unable to feed them and look after them properly.  The PDSA is in the intriguing position of having to treat animals without asking question – banned animals like Staffordshire terriers and pit bulls. Because otherwise these animals would receive no treatment at all. There is evidence that many of the dogs have injuries from pro dog fighting. How anyone on benefit can keep one horse let alone 2 or 3 is a mystery to me. But it is happening. You don't need a licence or a proof of income to keep a string of horses. Bizarre and more than a little unsettling.



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