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Dance Some of you know that I am working on a project called Waggledancers which is recasting strategy as collaboration. Called Waggledancers because of the way worker bees amplify the power of the hive by sharing their knowledge of where the nectar is and showing the other workers where to get it. Exactly what every strategist is trying to do. Back in March I was in a cafe with a group of planners and marketers swapping stories. And one of the stories I told got taken, adapted and used. By a product manager working on a wellknown skincare brand who went and interviewed the partners of her national accounts managers about their use of the product before presenting at the national sales conference. So the key sellling messages for the next quarter were reinforced by their nearest and dearest. Powerful ammunition before sending them out to negotiate with retail buyers.

This is a classic waggledancer story. Doing the unexpected. Keeping it personal. And creating incredible leverage. www.waggledancers.com has been a bit quiet of late but I have been talking to a publisher so expect it to sputter into life. If you have any stories you want to share of waggledancing strategy which changes peoples motivation and creativity then please go there, sign up and start to share them on the bblog there.

In the meantime I'll just enjoy the warm glow. Waggledancing does that to you.



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