state of play – JG under the kibosh

Just to clear up any confusion of the last few days. There are bound to be rumours and having lots of different social media channels doesn't help. I had planned to fly to Romania today to run 3 days of training which were postponed from last week when I had the emergency operation.

I went for a medical checkup yesterday and to keep it simple. They won't let me get on a plane this week. Really disappointing – I'm very sorry. I feel bad for letting people down but was warned by the medical people that if I don't take it easy now that I could risk health problems and a much longer convalescense.

So here's what is on the job sheet at present.
The doctor has said that as long as I take it easy and behave myself that it is OK for me to fly to Romania next Wednesday to participate in the IQ ads conference.

I shall also be running a research project -in the UK focus groups eh? Sitting and talking to people ;-)
So still active but not necessarily on my feet for long periods.

I am in the process of rescheduling the lost training days for Septemeber. When I am next back in Romania to speak at an The RODirect conference on Sept 9th. The plan is to run them then when I expect to be back to my usual stamina levels. These include the Advertising School for the IAA, account planning training, and a course about running internet research.




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