Parklife with Costin

Costin Had a drink and a snack with Costin Radu on the terrace in one of the parks in the centre of Bucharest. Costin has been living and working within a couple of square miles his whole life. He went to school and university here in the same small area.  So he is prone to point out places he has lived in or where he has worked.

Fountain Today he pointed out the apartment where he and several friends started an advertising agency. As students. A highly improbable story – its hard enough trying to get a job in advertising. But 6 students decided that the best way was to start their own agency – so one provided the apartment, another the phones, another the computer. It was only when they had got most of it organised they realised they really ought to go out and get some clients! They lost the first one because most of them were still at college. A prospective client turned up at the last moment and nobody was in the office because they were down at the college. What kind of agency has no staff in the office at 11am he wanted to know? But they didn't indeed manage to attract clients and off they went. Biblos is long defunct. But its founder members have all gone onto be successful, award winning pros. I was speechless to find that one way to get a job (and experience) in advertising might be to just start your own agency!



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