Purefold: what it means to be human

Medici The Purefold project – see related blogs above has set out with the grand objective of exploring what it means to be human. Not so grand really. Isn't that what any story worth its salt ends up doing? Its intriguing that by being set in the immediate future: T+2 years but not so far away that it turns into fantasy we can free our imaginations from many of the constraints of the present or take a specific constraint like global warming and consider what it will look like in 2 years 5 years or 10 years. And how we have changed as people in the face of the threat.  The other benefit of the 2 year offset is that it removes a lot of commercial pressures from advertisers to talk about their products – if every product featured is at least 2 years out of date then it requires brand storytellers to focus rather more on the lives of their customers and how they hope to affect and benefit them. Something altogether more interesting than most commercial speech.

Perhaps the biggest potential of Purefold is the possibility that it sparks the possibility of a much more wideranging debate about being human. The historic model is still that of auteurs ably abetted by an outfield of media and cultural commentators, bowling or pitching (depending on which side of the pond you come from) stories at us. Creators funded and authorised by the establishment. We rarely if ever get the chance to contribute other than put our hands in our pockets and buy tickets and DVDs. Purefuld offers a much more level playing field even if you haven't got the seed budget to shoot your own blockbuster movie. What stories can be told and retold with an altogether more diverse collection of storytellers passing the ball?

The other exciting possibility is that brand owners may become less sponsors than patrons – by telling good stories instead of promoting their own immediate agenda we might perhaps return to the days of the Medici. Commercial interest served by great art. And a reworking of what a global humanity might look like as the 21st century gathers pace.



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