#Purefold – Ridley Scott’s vision of what comes after advertising

Bladerunner Branded content. Ahh yup done that got that T shirt. Images of Neo taking the Nokia out of the Fedex bag in the Matrix, James Bond with the latest Aston Martin (or is it BMW? ). This is a very basic form of product promotion and we are well used to it. Shift the scene forward a few years to 2019 and a Nokia, Iphone or Hummer (sorry couldn't resist that one) starts to look distinctly dated. Make films around the period of bladerunner. Make anime, make role playing games.  Get brands to sponsor storylines and characters. And stop paying all that money out on media channels.  Sell product, distribute electronically.

Welcome to #Purefold.

OK so a bunch of directors in the RSA stable are looking for commercial sponsorship to make movies. What's new? Well quite a lot actually. These days there's no need to hire a designer to come up with film sets and bylines out of their filmschool enhanced imaginations. Web content provides a semantic web of images, sounds and associations which is accessible and familar to all of us. And makes for a much more realistic world than an artdirected one. Result – textures which come straight from the zeitgeist with a futuristic twist. What do people who write about androids and electric sheep also write about and link to? What do pictures do they put on the walls of their houses? Sampling the web allows the film makers to put in the detail and to keep that detail evolving as the semantic web shifts and changes. In effect user generated content of all kinds will be fused with the work that film directors curate.

Ridley Great idea but who's going to buy it in these cashstrapped times? The worst of times to launch a new communication platform. Well apparently WPP, Publicis, Aegis and Naked networks don't think so. They are actively introducing their clients to Purefold. The first crop of signings will be announced next week. Ag8 is the development company behind the initiative.

So where does clients money go?  Well its about the development of storylines. Which is where I come in. For the last 5 years I have been running workshops using Hollywood screenwriting techniques. For a whole range of clients covering FMCG, financial services, alcohol and durables. Using this technique we move from the static brand pyramids and onions beloved of advertising. To storylines which reveal how a character deals with conflict and develops new qualities under pressure.  The brandscreenplay technique was used to develop the interactions between the main characters and to suggest subordinate characters. For all of the scripts on the table to date.  Its an exciting time. As the scripts develop and as new clients come on board I hope to be using the workshop regularly in the coming months. 

Here's the announcement on Brand Republic. And here's an article Download Brandnarrative I wrote for Admap about the brand screenplay technique when I first invented it.

 Here's the paidcontent write up.

Here's the link to the Ag8 site and their summary of the project.

I'll keep you posted with more news of Purefold as the storyline develops!



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