Purefold: David Bausola, Tom Himpe and Luke Scott explain

Had a catchup yesterday with David and Tom, and Tim Wright who set up the original RSS feeds and tags to hose content into the Friendfeed rooms for the film pilots. If this doesn't make head or tail to you then best watch the film which explains what #Purefold is. For me the key slide is the 90/9/1 ratio. Where 90% of the people just watch, 9% comment and link and 1% create. One way of looking at what purefold does is to sample the detritus of the 90% to look for themes. To start to assemble stories. The 9% of linkers and commentators by tagging and linking help to filter the story fragments – which are eventually assembled by screen writers and film directors (the 1% creatives) who make and distribute films whose storylines are linked and mashed together a kind of nearly science fiction 2 years from hence. Funded by commercial sponsors.

My role? To scout for roles and storylines which brands could support and inhabit.  There is nothing quite like Purefold – which is why it is taking a while for all the stakeholders to get their heads around it.  It isn't advertising but brands will build their profiles using it. It isn't research but inevitably it is a mass sampling/consultation of the collective imagination. Which is why this sort of project will change the way we look at both research and advertising. Both will continue to be used but will date very quickly when these sorts of storytelling nebula are spun across the internet. The more I think about Purefold the more I am like a kid in a sweetshop. I don't know whether to join in as a commentator linker, to build friendfeed research forums using the same model, to start to write purefold stories which start to echo the themes. Truth is I have little time for any of it and my role I hope will continue at the brand storyline level.  There is a place called the whiteroom in the second Matrix movie where the architect explains the meaning of the matrix. Inevitably Purefold has to have its Dungeon masters to set the rules for the genre. This is a glimpse outside of the 90, the 9 and the 1 to the white room where the architects are explaining and debating what Purefold is all about.




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