More #Purefold – unpacking the story

This post by Mike Laurie starts to unpack the ball of wool which is #Purefold. Yes it is being funded by advertisers sponsoring short films. Yes these are being curated and shot by some of the best young directors. Yes the web is being swept for scraps and ideas to give the world and its many jumbled narratives realism.

Blade_runner_5 Pureforld is also part of the Creative Commons.  That means that unlike virtually every other film project in existence it is free for you to sample, quote and to make and film your own stories in what ever format you wish.  The rules of the Purefold world aren't really up for negotiation. Rather like the rules of any role playing game.  You need to write from 2011 and the project is due to run up to 2019 the date where Bladerunner (Ridley Scott's original take on the future) was set. But you're very welcome to contribute your story to it.

It gets better. If you haven't a film in you then start to hunt out the Friendfeed forums where the storylines are marinading. And start making suggestions. This is an imaginary world you can help to shape.



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