For God so loved the Wordle

Jn20 Was passing by Bishop Alan Wilson's blog this morning and discovered he had been playing with Wordle.  I have seen wordles applied to speeches and to webpages.  And then it struck me that a sermon is a very specific kind of discourse. The difficulty with sermons is that they are often hard to concentrate on, and the argument may not be particularly focussed. But like speeches they do last for an appreciable amount of time. Perhaps the best way to appreciate a sermon is with the logic removed and with pure word association.   So being a lay preacher I wordled my last 2 sermons. Enjoy! I bet you haven't a clue what I was talking about.  The Bishop joined in so you can check out his last sermon as well. No doubt I'll start to graffiti them at the base of flyovers in the small hours – Banksy look to your laurels..  The one at the top is an Easter sermon Johns gospel chapter 20. the one below is a sermon using John chapter 17 as Jesus prays the night before he dies.




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