Marathonwedding film on youtube

Aisle I finally finished the edit of marathonwedding late last night and stuck in on Youtube – bit worried about the quality of the flash compression. But its done for now.  I blogged a few weeks back about the first church wedding on the London Marathon. Here's my breathless account along with Vangelis (how predictable!) soundtrack. There was a lot to cram into a relatively short time. Mildly amused that I had to sample some crowd noise and loop it through the background. Because you really don't want to hear me breathing heavily into the camcorder as I tried to run ahead of the happy couple and film them as they ran in and out of the church before and after the ceremony.  So here it is. Sorry about the production values but I am sure Channel 4 will do a much more professional version next year when the documentary airs. Departure



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